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Add High Level of Security to your Locks by Using Wordlock

Is the memory still fresh when you were locked out of your house and could not find the code for the lock or key to unlock the door? We all must have been at least once in such situation when even remembering is frustrating. Even when you are quite aware of your key code or the place where you have put the lock, you are ought to forget it, none of them proves to be the best security aid to any of your belongings.

Number combination locks are easy to pick as you just have to match the code that ranges from 0 to 9. However, you do not have to get into any of the lock and key drama when you can easily remember the code for the door lock. Recently, a lock named as ‘Wordlock’ is introduced that works exactly the way the name is.

Wordlock uses letters and words for locking the door instead of code combination. It is an added level of security as there are more alphabets than just numbers to pick. There are over 100,000 possible combinations for this lock and thus, it is literally impossible to pick any of these locks as you may not know what the owner must have used.